Today I’d like to announce Homebrew 1.3.0. The most significant change since 1.2.0 is that brew install python no longer installs a python binary without manual PATH additions and instead installs a python2 binary. This avoids overriding the system python binary by default when installing Python as a dependency. It also paves the way to eventually have python be Python 3.x.

Major changes and deprecations since 1.2.0:

While all the functionality for these deprecations will be supported for the foreseeable future in Homebrew/brew for 3rd-party usage, Homebrew/homebrew-core has removed the use of these APIs from formulae to improve the user experience.

Other changes since 1.2.0 I’d like to highlight are the following:


Thanks to all our hard-working maintainers, contributors, sponsors and supporters for getting us this far. Enjoy using Homebrew!