Today I’d like to announce Homebrew 1.2.0. The most significant change since 1.1.0 is that most Homebrew taps (package repositories) in the Homebrew GitHub organisation have been deprecated and the currently buildable software moved into Homebrew/homebrew-core. This will improve the quality and availability of all their software.

Additionally, as Homebrew/homebrew-versions has been moved into Homebrew/homebrew-core Homebrew provides better, official support for different versions. You can read more about this in the dedicated versions document. Please note our goal isn’t to support all versions of all software but to provide some versions and tooling such that you can easily maintain more in your own tap (package repository).

Since 1.1.0 the following deprecations have been made:

While all the functionality for these deprecations will be supported for the foreseeable future in Homebrew/brew for 3rd-party usage, Homebrew/homebrew-core will be removing the use of these APIs from formulae to improve the user experience.

Since 1.1.0 some new commands are available:

Some of the other changes since 1.1.0 I’d like to highlight are the following:

And finally:

Thanks to all our hard-working maintainers, contributors, sponsors and supporters for getting us this far. Enjoy using Homebrew!